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Platinum Phase was founded in 2005 and is a leading polymer company specializes in polymer processing and manufacturing. With conscious of quality and environmental management, we are committed to ensure our product is compliance with the most stringent international standards. At Platinum Phase, we believe that inside of every problem lies an opportunity.

Platinum Phase Sdn Bhd is a leading polymer company specializes in polymers processing and manufacturing. It is headquartered in Malaysia and distributed its products to different countries. The company is steered by an ambitious management team who are dedicated to deliver environmental friendly products with superior quality. The main products offered by Platinum Phase include liquid paint, powder coating, and engineering plastics. With conscious of quality and environmental management, we are accredited with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Each and every aspect of our products are produced in accordance with the strictest quality control based on the most stringent international standards.

With the concern and passion to fulfil the needs and requirements for a variety of customers, we have a strong technical team to provide comprehensive and swift supports. Additionally, the company emphasizes on research and development activities and the research team always strived to develop innovative products to provide solutions for various problems in the industry.

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The mission of Platinum Phase is to provide customers with outstanding value through quality products at affordable prices, devoted in maintaining excellent quality standards and focus on the zero-defects principle and aggressively understand the customer’s need to supply relevant products, services and support

To be recognized as a leading and sustainable manufacturer of powder coatings and engineering plastic resins in Malaysia. To provide the highest quality standards with consistent quality and innovative creations by meeting the demands of the global market.

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